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Tourism in "Valle de Tobalina"

Tourism in "Valle de Tobalina"

The Valley of Tobalina lies in the north of the province of Burgos, in the region known as Las Merindades. The River Ebro and its tributaries the Jerea and Purón flow through vast flatlands bordered by mountains such as the Umión and the Sierra de Árcena range.

A breathtaking setting affording visitors the chance to admire graceful waterfalls such as those in Pedrosa de Tobalina or La Orden, or the Purón ravine. Other attractions include a range of free time options such as hiking (GR-99), mountain biking and even hot air balloon ride.

A wealth of cultural heritage scattered around 34 towns and villages. Highlights include the mediaeval town of Herrán; the Montejo de San Miguel architecture site; the Monastery of San Martín de Don; the Romanesque Church of La Orden; the Quintana Martín Galíndez and Lomana towers (declared an Asset of Cultural Interest) and numerous stately homes. Work has recently been carried out on the ruins of several early mediaeval shrines and burial sites such as the San Clemente de Quintana María Rock, the Moors’ Cave in Montejo de Cebas or El Mazo Rock in Pajares.
The Tourist Information Office is located in Quintana Martín Galíndez, the capital of this valley region and home to most of its facilities and services.





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